Santiago Anduaga is a technology and business professional with over 11 years of experience building product strategies and delivering go-to-market plans with proven market fit  — driving multi-million dollar growth at B2B and B2C technology companies of every size across several sectors. Currently serving as Couldera's Senior Director of Product Marketing and Growth, Santiago is responsible for the market success of Cloudera's fastest growing products, implementing proven approaches to scaling adoption and revenue growth across 7 teams and 9 product lines — equating to ~$1B in AAR in the top 2000 global companies across industries.

Prior to Cloudera, Santiago worked with several startup organizations, building effective product management, product marketing, and go-to-market strategies from the ground up — helping now multi-million dollar organizations such as CARTO and Sisense move from early adoption to sustainable maturity by implementing product, marketing, and selling best practices at all levels. Santiago's track record equates to triple digit percentage growth in customer acquisition and revenue for these organizations, with several having been acquired by larger firms or positioned to go public. 

In addition to hands-on experience, Santiago holds a BA in environmental science and a Master of Science degree in Design and Urban Ecology from Parsons School of Design. This education focused on technical product design and data science as related to the environment, housing, real estate, and socio-urban policy.